My Studio

May 12, 2011

This week I’m really pleased to bring you into the creative workspace of one of Make Mine Pink’s very dear friends, Sharon Wollman of C’est Chouette Home.

Hi, I am Sharon Wollman, owner/designer at C’est Chouette Home, the Vintage Needlepoint Pillow Boutique. I am lucky enough to create pillows and tuffets using tiny pieces of history made beautiful by women (and sometimes men) that lived before me. I would love to show you where all the creating is done.
Last year I was afforded the opportunity to redesign my studio. My old one was decked out with “make-do” antiques, baskets, and wire racks; none really working. Needlepoints were spilling out of the cabinets, toppling the baskets, and falling off my work table, and quickly claiming space throughout entire house!
My studio is just a stitch under 10’x10’, including the converted closet space where my sewing machine is housed. The adventure began with an IKEA® catalog and a goal to fit as much IKEA® as I could into my tiny space. I identified 18 needs of organization - everything from needlepoints, silks and trims, magazines and books, pins and scissors. After weeks of planning, my husband and I drove the 264 miles to the nearest store to gather all the components. Then again, we drove for a second time to get even more components. Storage is tucked into every corner, under every table, on the side of each cabinet, overhead and knee-level. Amazingly, I have more floor space than ever before. Deciding on white literally went against my basic instinct as my work is all about color. But white was our only cohesive solution for such a small space. As you can see, and to my great surprise, white works well for me. My studio looks so sparse, so clean, so organized; and it is. There is a place for everything and everything is in its place. Much to my shock (and  my family‘s) it pretty much stays looking like this day in and day out, which is good as the studio next to our dining area with only French doors to hide (or not hide) everything. Now that I have such a studio, my days are truly all about the vintage needlepoints.

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