Wednesday, January 09, 2013

C'est Chouette Home's Word of the Year

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Please feel free to make a purchase while we are on vacation as shipping will continue as scheduled. No new tuffets or pillows will be listed, though. Emails may or may not be answered.In an effort  to make up for any inconvenience, enjoy a 15% discount. Happy end of Summer.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Inspirational Shopping

Do you have an on-line boutique? Won't you join me?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Just sit.....

.....and be still!
I have had many opportunities in the past year and a half to ask my husband of 30 years "In the still of the night, what do you think about?" and he will return a blank stare. Was he never taught to sit and be still?  So I have begun to think about our world.... the one that is presented to us each morning over breakfast, or each evening during our supper, or the 24 hours news cycle that blasts at us in airports, doctor's offices, and restaurants. It seems to be all about people who strongly believe one thing telling people who don't believe the same that they are "just stupid" or worse that the everything we know of this world will end if we don't all believe the same thing.  Really? In the still of the night do they believe another human, an intelligent, thinking human is "just stupid" because they don't see all the issues the same? That perhaps they were "dropped on their head at birth" Really? Is that what they really want to say to another human? I think not. I think people have forgotten how to sit and be still..... to find their find their reason for think about the pain of other find compassion... to find peace.  I love the still of the night, it centers me. 
Today I am wishing you all the peace that comes with just sitting and just being still. Peace to your core. Peace to your being. Peace to your soul. Then, peace to your fellow man.   ~OX

Friday, May 18, 2012

Life Changes (again)

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Tomorrow we are celebrating another college graduation (our last until grad school decisions are made) and my baby is moving back home. I wonder what life will be like with four adults living in this house? I am not too worried, because I am a proud mother and I am happy to have both my daughters at home for as long as they wish. The world sometimes rotates to quickly anyway.

Friday, April 27, 2012

#1000 and (because I am an overachiever) #1001

1000 and Counting

It seems not all that long ago a friend asked "How many needlepoints do you have?" "About a thousand,  I think,'" I answered. "What will you do when you make all thousand needlepoints into pillows?" "Oh, probably quit!" I said. Both of us thought maybe there was a limited supply of absolutely gorgeous vintage needlepoints out there. Probably there is a limit, but I have not found it.

Last Sunday eve, I was happily editing pictures of a gorgeous lilac needlepoint (now the center of a pillow) and listing it and I realized it was #995. It just sneaked right up on me. 995 pillows and tuffets. 995 since I actually decided to keep count (my website helps me with the counting) .... but I know there were more , local sales, give-a ways, a few special requests, and gifts for my sister and brother (yuppers, he got one.) The Divine-But-Long-Suffering Mr. C'est Chouette estimates the number at over 1250!!!

Suddenly I knew the push was on, I was going to make it to 1000 this week or bust!

1000 pillows~ you know what? That is over 1200+ pounds of stuffing, over 400 yards of gorgeous silk,  about 500 yards of plush brush fringe, 1500 yards of twisted mini-cord, and over 900 boxes for shipping, and I cannot even guess the number of spools of thread!

And at 1000 pillows and tuffets, I do not plan to stop. In fact I think I have the 1007th on the work table (pillow parts laying around.) On to 2000!

Thank you to all my customers and friends for the wonderful   journey. There are no words to express my appreciation.

(one of my favorite pillow photos)